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When I was the head football coach at a middle school, our team managers filmed for us and yet we were limited with our film equipment, mostly because of our budget. I felt we needed a better angle, and an easy way to do it! My search for an affordable solution began and I was not satisfied with the options out in the market for sports filming considering I was using my 13-14 year old little girls and we had little money to work with!  After several prototypes and thinking about my girls, I produced a simple version of our system that worked well for our needs.


My wife, Lulu, then asked me, "If you love it so much, don't you think maybe other Coaches would find it helpful also?"


The light bulb came on and The Game Plan Cam family began!

We are a family born and raised in the West tip of Texas! El Paso is home for us and in 2008 I married my best friend, Lulu and the adventure began! Our Lord blessed us with two wonderful, loving and healthy children-Isabella and Miguel Angel!


I graduated from UTEP and began my career. I teach English and coach Football at the high school and junior high levels for the past 12 years.  What can I say...I love my job!

I have always believed in the importance of film and the importance of practice. I wanted to film practice better than just eye level views. I wanted an elevated birds-eye view, just like they do at those fancy colleges...the wheels started turning...


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