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* How long does the pole extend?

The pole extends up to  11.5 ft.

*Is the pole heavy?

The whole system, including the pole, is very lightweight at 3.5 lbs.

* How long can I record?

With a suitable memory card, we have used the system for up to 3 hours at times. Longer clips will use more battery life than multiple short clips. The system comes with rechargeable batteries. We throw in an additional battery for your smart device.

*What can I use to control the camera?

Any smart device such as a smart phone or I-Pad will work.


What is the name of the app I need to download to my smart device?


The camera uses its very own Sony PlayMemories App. 

*Where are the pictures/videos saved?

The camera saves pictures and videos on a 8 gb memory card.

*Can I see the pictures/videos directly on my smart device?

Yes, you can but it will take longer to download and view than on your PC or Mac.

*How do get the pictures/videos on my computer?

Carefully detach the camera using the quick release mount. USB cable connects directly to your computer. You may open or save the files.

*How do I delete old files on the memory card?

The memory card in the camera needs to be reformatted using the Sony Play Memories App. The camera will turn itself off, delete and reformat and the app will inform you when it's ready. Be sure to have a good charge.

*Why do I need to place the hood on the Game Plan Cam?

The Parabolic Hood is necessary to increase the point to point WiFi connection between the camera and the Smart device.

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